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Engineering Analysis of Vehicle Accidents

Forensic Engineering | Accident Reconstruction


W Poplin Engineering LLC, a forensic engineering firm, provides consultations in the areas of vehicle accident reconstruction and analysis including automobile and heavy vehicle event data recorder (HVEDR) downloads, collision analysis, failure analysis, vehicle accident simulation and airbag control module (ACM) download and analysis. Services include Total Station site measurements, drone photography, 3D site and vehicle scanning, photogrammetry, video analysis, passenger and heavy vehicle module downloads, simulations and animations.

Clients: Vehicle Accident reconstruction clientele include industry, insurance and the legal profession.  

Forensic Engineering | Accidents |Drone

Drone | 3D Scanning

site/vehicle Documentation
Nighttime Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Animation

Vehicle Accident Animations

Drone photography | Site Measurement | point cloud | 3D Model | orthomosiac images