Air Brakes / Trucking Accidents

Air Brakes - Always an issue in trucking accidents:

  • Trucks have more brakes
  • Truck brakes require more maintenance
  • Trucks take more time and distance to stop
  • Truck collisions may be catastrophic even at low speed
  • Air brakes used to be designed on the basis of the fully loaded condition
  • Unloaded brake performance was compromised
  • ABS allows truck brakes to adjust the braking action to match the load condition resulting in design braking for all loading conditions.
  • Discs are replacing drums 
  • ABS is now on most trucks and trailers unless they are approaching “antique” status 
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is here 
  • The stopping distance standards are becoming more stringent

Air Chambers and Slack Adjusters

  • If they are not set up properly, maintained and inspected, the brakes do not work. 

Truck Brake Inspection

Truck Brake Inspection